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TUSK is an urban survival tactics site... Everyday carry (EDC), clothes, tech, tools, supplies, kits, bags and equipment. Survival gear and street strategies for the urban, suburban and underground.

Urban Survival Kit Site
FlatPak Soap Bar Case /// Urban survival kit

FlatPak Soap Bar Case

    [BUY]     The FlatPak Soap Bar Case is a high-tech soap carrying device conceived from the least low-tech of design, a simple bag. But it's that simplicity ...

Gerber Doubledown /// Urban Survival Kit

Gerber DoubleDown

    [BUY]     The Gerber DoubleDown is a new and innovative urban / bushcraft survival tool that's a mix between a machete and a butterfly knife. As a ...

Brunton Echo Pocket Scope /// Urban Survival Kit

    [BUY]     The Brunton Echo Pocket Scope is an extremely portable 7x18 monocular. Binoculars and single scoped telescopes for handheld tend to be large and cumbersome for ...

AfterShokz Aeropex /// Urban Survival Kit

AfterShokz Aeropex

    [BUY]     The AfterShokz Aeropex is the best bone conduction bluetooth headphones available. These are extremely lightweight for all day comfort yet durable for sporty use. Your ...


Brute Force Duct Tape for Urban Survivalism

Brute Force Tape

There are few things in the world as simple as duct tape but so damn useful for urban survival if you know how to use it, this is the strongest ever made.


Boost USB Jump Starter

In modern times, survival goes beyond food and water to power. Electric power for our phones, GPS, tablets and the ability to jump start dead cars - this does all that.


Car Urban Survival Kit
Portable Door Lock For Hotel Security

Portable Door Lock

It's a compact device that can add a lock a door without a lock on the fly or reinforce a door that already has a lock. Think hotels and shady buildings.


Tactical Clutch Belt

Can be worn under or over jacket to conceal vital urban survival kit and tactical equipment like knives, firearms, flashlights and mags.


Tactical Survival Clothes
Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Impromptu Pen

Equal parts writing instrument and tactical tool, this Gerber tactical pen is as essential as it is easy for everyday carry in your urban survival kit setup.


Goruck Face Mask

You may not need body armor for bullets but after the pandemic, it's a good idea to have face armor for viruses - casual urban survival clothes.


Goruck Face Mask For Pandemic Survival Kit
Tactical Seat Molle Organizer for Urban Survival Gear

Tactical Seat Kit

Upgrade your vehicle with MOLLE and pouches with this organizer, for mobile urban survival and driving loadout tactics for work, life or play.


Aurora A3x

Flashlights are one of the most vital urban survival kit items there is but it's not always ideal to carry one, this is the answer. Small, powerful, adaptable.


Aurora A3X Flashlight for Micro Urban Survival Kits
CRKT Provoke Knife for Self-Defense

Provoke Knife

A truly innovative combat knife for self-defense. It's highly EDC'able, fast deploying and user friendly even for the novice.


Viktos Tactical Jacket

A premium leather jacket designed for stylish and comfortable everyday wear yet built for the battlefield with firearm specific user functionality.


Viktos Actual Leather Urban Survival Clothes
COMBAR Pro Urban Survival Gear


Expensive but brutally effective for its intended purpose, a tactical axe that's also a robust urban survival multi-tool.


Pelican Vault Cases

Surprisingly light and incredibly tough, these are portable suitcase vaults for storing valuable or loadouts for urban survival kits. Heavy hitters that won't weigh you down.


Pelican Vault Equipment Kit
Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Grid-It Organizer

Having the ultimate urban survival kit is a good start but it's also important to keeping that gear organized for quick and fluid deployment.


VZ Don Dagger

A perfect knife replacement for non-permissive environment where metal detection may interfere with your ability to be properly equipped in a defensive or survival scenario.


VZ Don Dagger Tactical Gear
Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen


A door without a lock has no security, a door with a decent lock adds some safety but this device will add superior protection from intruders at home or in shady hotels.


Urban survival kits are for everyday.

The concrete jungle. Organized, developed and structured, but a jungle nonetheless. Just like the wilderness, survival is a necessity. The only difference is that it’s beyond emergencies to the core of your lifestyle. That's why urban survival gear and tactics are applicable to every aspect of everyday life.
Tough Hook Tough Hanger

    [BUY]     The Tough Hook Tough Hanger is an extreme heavy-duty hanger for not just clothes but for a lot of it and an assortment of equipment to go along with any adventure or mission. Also ...

Vollebak 100 Year Vest /// Urban Survival Kit

    [BUY]     The Vollebak 100 Year Vest is the most technical and rugged everyday wear vest ever invented. Made from super fabrics that’s resistant to water, wind, fire and even time - as it’s literally designed ...

Vollebak 100 Year Sweatpants /// Urban Survival Kit

    [BUY]     The Vollebak 100 Year Sweatpants to put simply, is the apex of sweatpants. It fits, feels and wears like any comfortable sweatpants but is also fire, water, wind and abrasion resistant. So you can lounge ...

Roark Layover Travel Shorts /// Urban Survival Kit

    [BUY]     The Roark Layover Travel Shorts are designed for the road and active use, but comfortable enough for leisure. It’s a versatile piece of technical apparel with a clever EDC friendly pocket carry system that’s ...

SPN /// Urban Survival EDC


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