The Urban Survival Kit

The Urban Survival Kit

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TUSK is an urban survival tactics site... Everyday carry (EDC), clothes, tech, tools, supplies, kits, bags and equipment. Survival gear and street strategies for the urban, suburban and underground.

The Urban Survival Kit
Urban Survival in Prague, Czech Republic

Instant street disguise shift tactics are both visual bodily theatrics and physical garment adjustments that can be executed on the fly, without special equipment and with no prep.Standard Shifts:- ...

COVID-19 Self Test /// Urban Survival Kit

COVID-19 Test Kit

    [BUY]     This is a do it yourself at home COVID-19 test kit by Everlywell. For diagnosing if you are infected with coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). The test is ...

Secret Stash Car Key /// Urban Survival Kit

    [BUY]     The Secret Stash Remote Car Key is a a completely believable diversion safe that can securely hide very small valuables like micro USB ...

How to Prevent Hotel Room Theft /// Urban Survival

Knowing how to prevent hotel room theft as supposed to at home is different. The altered venue type makes for an altered system of security beyond the hotel’s or home’s.  ...

How to Spot Terrorist Activity /// Urban Survival Kit

Knowing how to spot terrorist activity is a modern day albeit advanced urban survival and street smart skillset.Surveillance Terrorists record and monitor the target area's physical tenability, personnel and its ...

Urban survival kits are for everyday.

The concrete jungle. Organized, developed and structured, but a jungle nonetheless. Just like the wilderness, survival is a necessity. The only difference is that it’s beyond emergencies to the core of your lifestyle. That's why urban survival gear and tactics are applicable to every aspect of everyday life.
Higher Objects Sawyer Utility Bracelet /// Urban Survival Kit

    [BUY]     The Sawyer Utility Bracelet by Higher Objects is a fresh take on wearable tools, like the Tread Bracelet. But instead of a cold, all metal wristgame, these are also made from high quality leather. The ...

Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka The Warmest Parka In The World /// Urban Survival Kit

    [BUY]     The warmest parka in the world is the Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka. Literally made for the coldest places and conditions on Earth, rated for -22 degrees Fahrenheit and below and the weather that goes ...

Goruck Tac Hat /// Urban Survival Kit

    [BUY]     The Goruck TAC Hat is a ruggedized and enhanced military tactical cap that can be worn everyday on the streets or under a helmet on the battlefield. The brim can be used to attach ...

Pacsafe Cashsafe Anti-Theft Belt

    [BUY]     The Pacsafe Cashsafe Anti-Theft Belt is an everyday-everywhere belt with a concealed stash function. Low profile, durable and nondescript. Non-magnetic for seamless security checks and permissive use.Effectively Conceals Small Items Zipper Closure Around the ...


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