Mini Urban Survival Kit EDC

Kershaw Mini Urban Survival Kit + EDC

The everyday carry of EDC Set. All the equipment is made by Kershaw except for the tin can survival kit. A true bargain of a setup, low cost but high value, plus style.

KIT COST:   $46       |       TOTAL ITEMS:   4

Kershaw Shuffle 2 Knife /// Urban Survival Kit

Kershaw Shuffle 2 Knife

It’s kinda like the perfect EDC “beater” knife. It’s tough, multifunctional, carries seamlessly, ideally sized and at an amazing price. It looks pretty nice as well.

        $19+   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Kershaw PT-2 Keychain Tool /// Urban Survival Kit

Kershaw PT-2 Keychain Tool

Officially named “Pry Tool-2”, this tiny multi-tool packs in 8 different functions and fits neatly on a key chain. It’s like a modern upgrade to the ever-popular Gerber Shard.

        $9+   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Kershaw Ration /// Urban Survival Kit

Kershaw Ration

An award winning and highly customer rated survival spork – with each function on each end. Made from solid stainless steel with an integrated carabiner to attach anywhere. Available in additional sizes and colors.

        $6+   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Survival Kit in a Sardine Can

Survival Kit in a Sardine Can

Part gimmicky but fully functional survival kit that’s literally and completely sealed in a tin (for protection and increased shelf life). To be opened only in an emergency. Comes with 25 survival kit items and the can itself has other uses.

        $12+   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Mini Urban Survival Kit EDC
Mini Urban Survival Kit EDC

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